Dale Dekker - The Evolution of CRE Architecture
The CRE ProjectNovember 27, 2023x
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Dale Dekker - The Evolution of CRE Architecture

In this episode, Clayton speaks with Dale Dekker, one of the founding partners of Dekker Perich Sabatini or popularly known as DPS. An architect and planner rooted in Albuquerque, exploring his journey from a young apprentice influenced by his father to becoming a rainmaker at his own architectural firm. 

The episode delves into the origins and growth of Dekker Perich Sabatini, shedding light on the strategies and values that grew the firm to a headcount of 220+ & counting. Dale discusses the evolution of the architectural industry since the 80s, emphasising the impact of technology, especially AI, on real estate and architecture. The conversation also touches upon the topics of transforming office buildings into multi-family projects, future market trends, and the challenges and opportunities in the field.

Dale also shares valuable insights into the evolving landscape of architecture and real estate, attracting talent and fostering a positive company culture. The episode explores how technology like AI, 3D printing, and real-time solutions are getting integrated in the industry. And also the impact of new zoning codes and the importance of collaborative efforts in public-private partnerships.

 Whether you're a professional in the field or an enthusiast, this episode provides a wealth of information and perspective on the CRE and Architectural industry.