Season 1

November 16, 2021x
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Ben Lewinger : The Role of Cannabis in Commercial Real Estate

It is no secret that the Cannabis Industry is rapidly growing in the CRE space. In this episode we sit dow...

September 13, 2021x
00:51:0947.34 MB

Bob Mohr: Building Spec and Navigating Construction Costs During COVID!

In this episode we sit down with a true veteran in the CRE industry, Bob Mohr. We discuss how Bob has buil...

June 02, 2021x
01:01:4657.22 MB

How the Evolution of the Apparel Industry is Going to Impact CRE - Larry Meyer (Former CEO of Forever 21)

We are excited for this episode as we sit down with a very experience and seasoned Apparel Retailer and ge...

June 02, 2021x
00:57:5253.61 MB

The Impact of E-Commerce and Digital Strategy - Nick Egelanian

In this epsiode we sit down with a really compelling guest that educates us on the history, current state,...

May 04, 2021x
00:49:24113.07 MB

Developing Relationships and Real Estate - Trent Gilley

In this episode we talk with Trent Gilley with Vaquero Ventures out of Ft. Worth. We discuss his extensive...

January 19, 2021x
01:00:1455.75 MB

Make a Friend, Make a Deal - Stuart Zall

In this episode we sit down with an industry leader to discuss his rise and success in the brokerage busin...