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June 21, 2024x
00:54:2150.31 MB

From Real Estate Novice to Industry Leader: Grant's Story of Founding Stoic Equity Partners

Curious to know how a landscaper and residential real estate agent became the founder of a successful com...

June 14, 2024x
00:43:3359.94 MB

From Ruthless to Selfless: Jonathan Keyser’s Journey in Commercial Real Estate

Is there a kinder, more effective way to succeed in the cutthroat world of commercial real estate?   ...

May 16, 2024x
01:04:5989.44 MB

CRE Legal Strategies w/ Linda Leyba

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the world of commercial real estate law? Join Clayton in ...

January 12, 2024x
00:44:0140.74 MB

The Importance and Different Roles of a General Contractor w/ Will Pender

In this episode Clayton speaks with Will Pender, a seasoned general contractor in the commercial real est...

January 10, 2024x
00:59:2254.94 MB

Building Relationships and Thriving in CRE - Citadel Partners

In this episode Clayton speaks with industry veterans Scott Jessen and Scott Morse. From their humble b...