The CRE Project

The CRE Project Podcast is a educational and informative platform for Commercial Real Estate Professionals. Whether you’re just getting into the CRE business or you’re a veteran in the industry, The CRE Project will benefit your practice in the CRE Field. We interview seasoned developers, brokers and professionals that have been successful in the CRE industry.

June 21, 2024x
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From Real Estate Novice to Industry Leader: Grant's Story of Founding Stoic Equity Partners

Curious to know how a landscaper and residential real estate agent became the founder of a successful com...

June 14, 2024x
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From Ruthless to Selfless: Jonathan Keyser’s Journey in Commercial Real Estate

Is there a kinder, more effective way to succeed in the cutthroat world of commercial real estate?   ...

May 16, 2024x
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CRE Legal Strategies w/ Linda Leyba

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the world of commercial real estate law? Join Clayton in ...

January 12, 2024x
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The Importance and Different Roles of a General Contractor w/ Will Pender

In this episode Clayton speaks with Will Pender, a seasoned general contractor in the commercial real est...

January 10, 2024x
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Building Relationships and Thriving in CRE - Citadel Partners

In this episode Clayton speaks with industry veterans Scott Jessen and Scott Morse. From their humble b...